Policies and AOB

  • Responsibilities and duties related to integrity and anti-fraud

CERN has formulated and adopted official policies related to integrity and anti-fraud that bind all CERN employees and partners (Partnerships and Sponsorships agreements, etc...).


  • CERN Accounting Services


  • CERN Financial Rules


  • About Partnerships and Sponsorships

The terms Partnerships and Sponsorships are often considered as referring to the same business, however they are different, especially with regards to a non-profit organizations.

In a broad sense, and in a business environment, a Sponsorship exists when one entity provides a financial support to another rather to achieve promotional advantages.

In a thorough way, a Partnership is a cooperative endeavor between different parties, characterized by a mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for as the achievement of a specified ambition or project. Parties can be governmental organisations, research institutes, businesses corporations, individuals, or a combination, and the goals of the partnership can vary widely.

In this sense Partnership agreements are more applicable to CERN in an area where CERN sets-up traditionally Co-operation Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Partnership Agreements, etc.

Today, the majority of CERN’s ordinary course of business refers to Partnerships relations, when explicitly sponsoring becomes the main choice of funding [financial and/or in kind] the term Sponsorships will be used.

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Updated on: 14/10/2016