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One of the activities of the External Funding Group of CERN (FAP-EF) is to respond to the increasing demand of the handling of external funded sourced developments at CERN. The intention is to effectively and efficiently understand business opportunities for Partnerships between a solicited organisation, a collaboration, a company, and or a donor and the CERN. This includes also the business related to fund-raising.

This activity is the third pillar within the External Funding Group. The activity is focused to the following types of Partnership situations:

The primary role of the Group is to act as an advisory body for the CERN Departments to ensure the adequate financial implementation of External Funded Projects sourcing from Partnership and Sponsorships.

Some prerequisites related to External Funded Projects:

  1. All External Funds are subject prior to a CERN Management approved and signed contractual agreement, endorsed by the Financial services of CERN.
  2. All External Funds should be used exclusively for professional activities in the framework of  the agreed project and on the CERN premises,
  3. All External Funds are subject to a CERN invoice.
  4. Ample information on the invoicing rules and regulations [including the CERN Financial Rules] are shown in the CERN Admin e-guide .


Contact of the Group

Grégory CAVALLO, Head of the Group.

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Updated on: 12/01/2017