Registration of a Team Account (Teams and Collaborations)

A Team Account is a CERN budget code or cost centre used for keeping track of expenditure at CERN and its corresponding external funding.

Accounting entries are made on behalf of and for the benefit of the requesting Funding Agency or Collaboration. Transactions are not detailed in the CERN annual budget funded by Member State contributions.

Team Accounts should be used exclusively for professional activities in the framework of collaboration work in a CERN experiment executed on CERN's premises.

Research institutes actively participating in an experiment at CERN may request the opening of a Team Account either independently or in collaboration with other research teams.

For externally funded R&D projects at CERN, or other cases that do not clearly enter one of the below described cases, please refer to the External Contributions and Fundraising website.

N.B.: CERN has formulated and adopted official policies related to integrity and anti-fraud that bind all CERN employees and partners:

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