Helvetia Life Insurance

Staff members and fellows have the possibility to take out life insurance on favourable terms through a group life insurance contract.

This insurance is provided by the company Helvetia and is available on a voluntary basis.

The premium, which varies depending on the age and gender of the person insured, is calculated on the basis of the amount of the death benefit chosen by the staff member/fellow and can be purchased in slices of 10,000 CHF.

The contract normally ends at the retirement age (65/67 years) or when the staff member/fellow leaves the Organization. The premium is deducted monthly from the payroll.

Request for affiliation, modification or termination must be addressed to Salaries Office by internal mail.

Upon retirement, the staff member can opt to maintain his membership under certain conditions.

More information about group life insurance can be found below at:

For further information, contact the Salaries Office.

Updated on: 09/08/2016