European Union (EU) Projects

Our role during proposals

is to check the consistency and viability of the proposal’s budget and use of resources.

Our role during the negotiation phase

is to follow and negotiate the budget liaising with project leaders and validate the contracts before the DG signature.

Once the project starts

our role is to coordinate and manage all budget aspects:

  • Negotiating and implementing the budget within the different departments involved, ensuring budget allocations and budget controlling by organic unit, by nature, by programme, project and activity.
  • Coordinating budget issues with all stakeholders (Project leaders, Department Planning Officers, Human Resource Advisers, Strategy, Management and Development Group in HR Department, Treasury, Payments and Financial Reporting Unit in Finance & Procurement Department and others services in other Department).
  • Ensuring the maintenance of the financial structure in the financial systems (project, intersection codes) in close collaboration with the IT Department and the Department Planning Officers.
  • Harmonizing the planning process through the Organization via planning tools (APT…).
  • Initiating Advance payments to partners when CERN acts as project coordinator, interacting with the EU office, Treasury and Finance departments.
  • Ensuring Resources Planning and expenses monitoring during the project’s life
  • Providing proactive support to the project members in CERN departments
  • Elaborating annual Cost statements and submission according to EC's financial rules.
  • Liaising with internal and external auditors.
  • Actively participating in various committees and projects (Investment Committee, Five-Yearly Review…)
  • Provide ad-hoc financial analysis to Directors.

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Updated on: 15/01/2016