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FP7 - Horizon 2020 comparison

The most important changes:

Description FP7 Horizon2020
Focus Research Research and Innovation
Budget 55 billion  ~ 79 billion 
Components Cooperation, Capacities, People, Ideas, Euratom, JRC Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership, Societal challenges, Spreading Excellence, Science for Society, EIT, JRC, Euratom
Funding rate (up to) for research 75% 100%
Funding rate (up to) for Demonstration/Innovation projects 50% 70%
100% for non-profit organizations
Overhead/Indirect Costs Different models (20%, 60% or actual) 25%
Time to grant 12 months in average after submission of propsal reduced to 8 months
Ex-ante financial viability check All beneficiaries exceeding 500,000 EUR EU contribution Coordinators
Audit certificates to be submitted All beneficiaries exceeding 375,000 EUR EU Contribution - cumulative in periods All beneficiaries exceeding 375,000 EUR EU Contribution - only one at the end of the project
Interest on pre-financing Reported by the coordinator No need to declare
Thematic approach "Cooperation" 10 themes Will be under "Industrial leadership" and "Societal challenges"
Frontier Research, ERC New in FP7 - Ideas block Extended under the "Excellent Science" pillar
Updated on: 15/08/2017