Personnel Accounting

The Personnel Accounting section (FAP-ACC-PA) is responsible for the recording, classification and presentation of accounting transactions concerning CERN's personnel expenditure.

The section is in charge of the payroll for Staff, Fellows and Associates, the follow-up and payment of claims and advances and the provision of remuneration certificates. It is also responsible for monthly and annual management reports on personnel expenditure.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is a proof of payment ?

It could be :

  • An invoice mentionned as paid
  • A statement of account mentionning the expenses
  • A confirmation of payment (by credit card, Paypal…)

Can I receive a payment in cash?

Payments by cash are possible only in exceptional cases, i.e. only for claimants who have bank accounts in countries where it might be difficult to proceed with a bank transfer.

Can I receive my payment outside of Switzerland?

Yes, it is possible to complete a transfer abroad whatever the country and the currency. An official document of the bank mentioning the full bank details of the beneficiary is necessary to order the transfer.


Do I need to send the original documents with the internal mail service ?

The only cases you don't have to send original documents with internal mail service are:

  • Invoices CWL
  • Original Invoice in PDF format
  • Confirmation of inscription to conference recieved by e-mail

In all other claims the original documents (invoice and proof of payment) must be sent by internal mail service.

Regarding the official travel claim, should I send documentary evidence to the claims Office or to Human Ressources?

If the person has an EXTERNAL status, documents should be sent directly to the claims Office;
In other cases, documents should be sent to HR for control.

Is it possible to pay a subsistence for an EXTERNAL person?

Yes, it is then necessary to create an official travel claim and to enclose the official invitation letter mentioning the period and the amount. 

How frequently are claims paid?

Payment method Payment frequency
Cash (exceptional cases only)
  • Processed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Available to collect from the Meyrin site post office at the latest on the next day when receiving the automatic notification from EDH. Please note that the post office is closed on weekends.
Bank transfer to a Swiss or a foreign bank account
  • Claims received before Monday 17:00, payment on Tuesday with a value date on the following Thursday
  • Claims received before Thursday 17:00, payment on Friday with a value date on the following Tuesday


What are the necessary bank details in order to execute the transfer?

For countries using an IBAN code:
IBAN code + SWIFT, name of the bank, entire name of the account’s holder, address of the account’s holder.
For other countries it is necessary to provide an official document of the bank mentioning full bank details:
Number of the account + SWIFT + ABA/Routing (if applicable), name of the bank, address of the bank, entire name of the account’s holder, address of the account’s holder.

In order to pay a supplier’s invoice, should I create a TPP or a DAI claim?

The DAI procedure is the first procedure that should be used to pay a supplier, however it is possible to create TPP claim for expenses due to the activity of a staff member or associate (conference registration fees, CWL, …)


How can I get my payment in cash?

Once the claim has been approved by Personnel Accounting, the beneficiary may collect the payment from CERN post office. Cash payments may be collected between 9.30-12.30 and 13.30-15.30. A national ID document AND a CERN ID card must be presented to the cashier.

The claim has been fully approved on EDH, how long will it take before I receive the payment on my account?

The claim has been approved on Tuesday : transfer is sent on the following Thursday.
The claim has been approved on Friday : transfer is sent on the following Tuesday.
This rule applies in most cases, however exceptions can occur (public holiday,…)

My bank details have changed, who should I inform?

You have to register your new bank details by using the following EDH form:


A currency is not available in EDH, how can I calculate the equivalent in Swiss francs?

You must email The e-mail must mention the currency, the amount and the date of travel return. You will receive a reply by e-mail with a calculation of the conversion rate, which you should then attach to your claim in EDH. 

Why has my claim been held by the Personnel Accounting section for several days?

There are several possible reasons:

  • You have indicated that several documents are to accompany the claim, the Claims Office is waiting to receive these via internal mail.
  • You have indicated that several documents are attached to the claim, but none have been attached in EDH.
  • The Claims Office has sent you a request for further information or documentary evidence.




My contract terminates in the middle of a month. Will my final salary be paid on my last day of work?

Salaries are automatically paid around the 25th of each month.

I have received an amendment to my contract indicating that I owe CERN a substantial amount relating to allowances for my children. Will this amount be deducted from my salary in one go?

The debt can be staggered over several months provided that it is reimbursed in full before the end of the current year. You should contact the Salaries Office if you wish to use this debt repayment options.

I don't understand the deductions for child allowances obtained from an outside source shown on my payslip. Whom should I contact?

HR Department manages declarations of allowances obtained from other sources:  contact Mme Nadége Bordon.

I started work on the 15th day of the month but I didn't get a payslip at the end of the month like my colleagues. Is this normal procedure?

Members of the personnel starting work in the middle of the month do not receive a payslip for that month. They get a payslip for one and a half months the following month.

My staff contract specifies an international indemnity which does not appear on my first payslip. Should I contact the Salaries Office?

The international indemnity is paid every six months for six years from the start date of the contract. After the first year the international indemnity decreases annually according to specified percentage reductions.

I don't understand the amount of the telephone calls deducted from my payslip. Whom should I contact?

Telephone calls are automatically deducted from your payslip. If you have any queries, contact: ais-support

I started work on the 15th of the month. As I didn't receive a payslip, will I get any salary for the part of the month I worked?

Yes, you will be paid an amount corresponding to 50% of your basic salary.

I have changed my bank account details. Whom should I contact to ensure that my salary is paid into my new account?

The Salaries Office records all new bank account details. You must submit a request via the following secure portal service: CERN Service now for Change Bank Details

I checked my account on the day the salary was paid but I have not yet received my salary. Is this normal procedure?

No, you should contact the Salaries Office to find out what the problem is.

How are my contributions to the Health Insurance Scheme and to the Pension Fund calculated if I take parental leave or compassionate leave?

Parental leave is granted for a minimum of 10 days within a maximum period of three months until the child is three years old. Compassionate leave is granted for a minimum of 10 days within a period of three months per leave year. The contributions to the Health Insurance Scheme and the Pension Fund are obligatory for up to one month. Thereafter these contributions may be optional.

My spouse has to provide his or her employer with a certificate that he or she is covered by my insurance. How do I obtain this certificate?

You can request a certificate via the following service portal:

I must complete military/civil service, which will require me to take leave. What would be the consequences on my pay?

None. Your salary is not modified. Leave will be deducted in the context of a military/civil service.

I am currently on unpaid leave and am maintaining my contributions to the Health Insurance Scheme and/or to the Pension Fund. What is the procedure for paying them since I am not in receipt of a salary?

If your unpaid leave is for a period of between one and three months, the contributions are calculated and debited to a special account as amounts to be charged in due course. The corresponding amounts are subsequently deducted from your salary once your unpaid leave ends. If your unpaid leave is longer than three months, you must go to the Salaries Office to obtain details of the bank account onto which the monthly payment must be made.

Part-time working

I would like to reduce my working hours. Will my allowances be reduced?

The family allowances, the child allowance, the infant allowance and any allowances received from other sources will remain unchanged

I would like to reduce my working hours. How will my contributions to the Health Insurance Scheme and to the Pension Fund be calculated?

The health insurance contribution remains unchanged except where your spouse works at CERN. In the latter case, your contribution will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Your contribution to the Pension Fund depends on which option you choose: either a reduction on a pro rata basis, or 100% contribution where you bear the cost of both the employer and the employee contributions for the supplementary part. You can request a simulation from the Salaries Office at


I have altered my declaration of family situation and this modifies the amount of my spouse’s UNIQA premium, but I don't see any corresponding adjustment on my payslip. Is this normal procedure?

It all depends when you altered your declaration: If you made the alteration after the 10th day of the month, its impact will be shown on your payslip the following month. If you made the alteration before the 10th day of the month, contact ais-support.


I have Swiss nationality and wish to contribute to the Swiss national pension (AVS) and unemployment insurance schemes, should I contact the administrators of the Geneva canton's fund?

If you have been employed by CERN as a member of the staff or an associate, the Salaries Office will handle the procedure with your home canton's fund - you should nevertheless register with them. If you were employed under any circumstances, you should contact your canton's fund administrators directly.

For more information please see Caisses cantonales de compensation.


I took out income protection insurance from UNIQA. Who pays if my salary is reduced due to long-term sick leave?

Your salary will continue to be paid at 100%, with CERN invoicing UNIQA for the difference.

I would like to take out income protection insurance from UNIQA, how should I proceed?

The subscription should be done at UNIQA’s offices. The premiums are deducted from your salary each year in January.

I have been on sick leave for several months, what consequences will this have on my pay?

If you did not take out income protection insurance, your salary will be reduced by one third until further notice.

If you took out income protection insurance, you will continue to be paid your full salary, with a specific mention on your pay slip indicating the last third of your salary will be paid by UNIQA.

I took out income protection insurance and am on long-term sick leave with a reduction of my salary. Should I inform UNIQA or the Staff Association?

No, CERN will take care of the administrative processes.

I would like to take out life insurance from Helvetia. Who would benefit from it in case of my death?

Different situations can occur:

  1. You are married, separated but not divorced, engaged through a PACS agreement or any other official partnership registered by a Member State : your partner will be the beneficiary.
  2. By default, the first beneficiaries will be any children, then your mother and father and lastly any legal heirs. The organisation holds the group life insurance.

Can I take out income protection insurance through the CERN Staff Association?

Yes, members of the Staff Association can subscribe to income protection insurance. The premiums and membership fees are deducted in January each year.

I would like to take out life insurance from Helvetia. How can I subscribe?

The registration form is available online from the procedure "Life Insurance (Helvetia)" in the Admin e-guide. The insurance will be effective 30 days after the subscription. Terms and conditions are available from the same page.

Updated on: 11/01/2016