External Grants - Financing EU Projects

The role of the External Grants section (FAP-EF-EG) is to ensure the implementation, the monitoring and financial follow-up of European Union funded projects within the organization through the departments and to act as advisor on all budget aspects during proposals and before the negotiation phase of such projects in cooperation with the EU office.


Budget establishment -when CERN is Coordinator- and coordination of budgeting of the whole consortium - close cooperation with the management and proposal writing team

  • Verification of the Grant agreements and budgets
  • Establishment of budget code structures
  • Budget monitoring – budget vs. actual costs, forecasting of future expenditure to estimate available resources
  • Preparation of the audited cost claims and project reports for the European Commission
  • Coordination of several EU projects including the following tasks (when applicable):
    •  Financial advice to partners
    •  Communication channel between the partners and the Commission
    •  Consolidation of financial reports
    •  Distribution of the funding between partners
    •  Monitoring of the consortium budget and spending
    •  Monitoring of the effort provided against budget for the consortium
    •  Presentations to the partners on financial status of the projects

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Updated on: 19/06/2017