Financial contribution of departments

The continuous strong exchange rate is forcing us to revise our policy on Marie Curie projects (more precisely Innovative Training Networks and Individual Fellowships).

For these projects, the EC pays a living and a mobility allowance (i.e. the salary of the researcher), which is a fixed amount in EUR. The researchers are recruited at CERN under a fellowship contract in accordance with CERN’s salary grid; the salary is higher than the EC contribution.

The departments will now need to contribute to the Marie Curie fellows’ salary, In addition to the usual “EU funded” codes, we will ask the departments to open a “CERN-funded” budget code; the salary will be then distributed for the full duration of the fellowship between these 2 codes according to the exact percentage.

Fellows position level

% of CERN matching funds

Amount of CERN matching funds for a 24 Months action
Zff0 (ITN only) 20% 28'291.20 CHF 25'955.22 EUR
Zf2 30% 66'643.20 CHF 61'140.55 EUR 
Zf3 30% 70'250.40 CHF 64'449.91 EUR
Zf4 35% 85'562.40 CHF 78'497.61 EUR
Zf5 40% 101'923.20 CHF 93'507.52 EUR
Zg5 40% 100'905.60 CHF 92'573.94 EUR

The matching funds can come from the fellowship budget or as a GET fellow.
This does not apply to FP7 (on-going) projects.

On the other hand, our procedure on overheads will apply back on Marie Curie projects, with 30% going back to the department as for any other EU project (the money can be used to decrease the department’s share).

In order to help the Department Heads to approve a proposal. Marie Curie projects are identified in the “type of project” section of our EDH Submission of EU project form.

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Updated on: 07/09/2016