CERN’s General Insurances

Mandate of CERN's General Insurances Manager

CERN’s General Insurance Manager is appointed by the Director-General to handle all aspects of CERN’s Insurances and his mission is:

  • Manage all aspects of CERN’s insurances including brokers, insurers, insurance risk analysts and all insurance contracts (property damages insurances, liability insurance and accident and illness insurance);
  • Ensure that the Organization has adequate external insurance protection for its needs;
  • Ensure that the insurance strategies are aligned and compliant with the policies, strategies and objectives of the Organization;
  • Plan and organize the insurance’s activities to provide the Organization and external stakeholders with timely actions and state-of-the-art service on these matters that complies with best professional practices;
  • In close collaboration with the Departments and related services, ensure an adequate follow up of accidents and report to top Management;
  • Provide advice, guidance and information to the Departments and related services on Insurances matters;
  • Liaise with the CERN Risk Manager in order to ensure an adequate balance between self-insured risks and external insurance coverage;
  • Review and advise the Director-General on CERN’s insurances strategies and policies;
  • Report periodically and at least once a year to the Extended directorate.


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Updated on: 26/01/2023