Budget & Planning

The main responsibilities of FAP-RPC are:

  •  Ensure short term and long term financial resource planning of the Organization and provide support to the Management for decisions.
  •  Prepare Financial Documents for the Organization Governing Bodies (Council, Finance Committee, Scientific Policy Committee) in English and French, together with the necessary background information for Management decision:
  • Prepare internal financial reporting organization-wide and project oriented for the Management.
  • Ensure internal budget allocations and budget controlling by organic unit, activity, project, nature and funding.
  • Coordinate all the budget issues with Project leaders, Department Planning Officers, Human Resource Advisers, Strategy, Management and Development Group in HR Department, Treasury, Payments and Financial Reporting Unit in Finance and Procurement Department and others services in other Department.
  • Ensure maintenance of the financial structure in the financial systems (project, intersection codes) in close collaboration with the AIS group and the Department Planning Officers.
  • Harmonize planning processes through the Organization via planning tools (APT…).
  • Participate actively in various committees and projects (Investment Committee, Five-Yearly Review…).
  • Provide ad-hoc financial analysis to Directors.


Updated on: 29/04/2016