2020 Annual Book Closing and Financial Statements Deadlines

Date Activity
04/12/2020 Deadline for modification of personnel costing*
11/12/2020 Sending files to technical contacts for accruals
17/12/2020 Last payment of invoices in 2020
04/01/2021 Revaluation of open commitments at the closing rate 31/12/2020
15/01/2021 Adjustment of standard personnel costs
18/01/2021 Deadline for last TID for 2020
18/01/2021 Deadline for internal invoicing JMT contracts
19/01/2021 Completeness of invoicing for the year (RFF)
from 09/01/2021
to 19/01/2021
Accounting of accruals
19/01/2021 Deadline for re-billing contractors
27/01/2021 Carry over of open order commitments
31/01/2021 Registration of assets in Inventory
01/02/2021 Confirmation of 2020 budget result in CET (except errors and omissions)
05/03/2021 Draft annual accounts to auditors and management
15/03/2021 Submission of accounts to external auditors

* If the modification is related to a person that has already left the Organization, please inform Bureau.Salaires@cern.ch in parallel of your change request. 

Updated on: 25/11/2020