Treasury & Payments

The treasury and payment service is a centralised service at CERN with following responsibilities and objectives:

  • Ensure that financial obligations are met and process all CERN payments.
  • Manage CERN Cash to ensure that it is managed effectively and efficiently with any surplus cash invested in an optimum manner while complying with the risk appetite of the Organization.
  • Manage CERN liquidity risk to ensure that there is sufficient cash reserves, at all time, so as to meet all known and planned financial obligations and raise finance if required (for example to cover for the delay in contributions).
  • Ensure effective bank relationships.
  • Manage and monitor counterparty risks as regards financial institutions (CERN may only enter into agreements with top rated banks and financial institutions).
  • Employ hedging techniques to manage financial risks in the context of interest rates risk and currency exposure, in compliance with CERN policies.
  • Maintain a sound treasury governance framework.
  • Monitor CERN contributions.

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Updated on: 13/05/2022