Business Computing

Our Purpose

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We - 

Together, as one group and in collaboration with our business partners, we work towards a common goal.

advance CERN’s mission

As a part of CERN and through the systems we support, we empower CERN collaborators to advance CERN’s mission.

by creating

We co-create business computing solutions in an iterative way, combining our diverse expertise with best practices in software engineering.


With our expertise in our domain, and unique perspective, we strive to maximise the value of what we do for CERN, while learning and improving continuously.

business software solutions

We solve business problems with software solutions that enable CERN communities to perform their day-to-day work.

Our Values


  • We own our decisions and actions and accept accountability for them.
  • We acknowledge when a decision does not bring the intended outcome.
  • We make decisions to move forward rather than accepting the status quo.

Growth Mindset*

  • We help others by sharing our knowledge through peer reviews, pair work, documentation creation, teaching etc.
  • We see honest feedback as a gift to help us grow and work on our "rough edges".
  • We know our skills and knowledge gaps and work on closing them.


  • We value simplicity when providing solutions to our business partners.
  • We innovate to provide simple and low-maintenance solutions to our business partners.
  • We do not over-engineer our solutions.


  • We work together for the goals of the BC group above being a member of an agile team.
  • We are part of a group and one individual's problem is everyone's problem.
  • When optimising our team internal processes and communication flow, we make sure that they do not negatively affect the group as a whole.


  • We give honest positive and constructive feedback to others (team members, other group members, supervisors, supervised colleagues, business partners).
  • We share our concerns and actively participate in retrospectives and Inspect & Adapt sessions to bring the team and group forward.
  • We have confidence in our own aptitudes and also those of our colleagues.

Thinking out of the box*

  • We provide new solutions to old problems.
  • We think out of the box and do not shy away from new ways, methods, practices, and technologies to provide our solutions.

*while having fun

Our Mandate

CERN’s Business Computing group (FAP-BC) is responsible for delivering information systems for all of the organization’s business functions. Applying product management principles and relying on lean/agile development and support teams, BC works for its partners across the whole organization (e.g. HR, Finance, Planning, Safety, Security, Purchasing, Logistics and Accelerator Operations). The type of products under the group’s responsibility ranges from custom-made solutions for a few users to large and widely integrated systems with several thousand users.


Links to some key applications can be found below:

* Please note that the AIS applications page is no longer maintained and will eventually be replaced.


Link to the organigram.



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Updated on: 16/05/2022