Duty Travel Coordination

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Duty Travel Coordination

This site supports travellers at CERN for travel undertaken at the request of the Organization or, in respect of associated members of personnel, travel authorised by their respective home institution and coordinated by the Organization.
The aim is to simplify and standardize processes as much as possible.  Below are some general descriptions and links to resources to help with this.

Traveller is the person authorised to undertake duty travel. He/she is responsible to accurately fill in the EDH Travel document (TRVL), and wait for the approbation of the request. They will book the transport via Traveldoo or SNOW (for car rental from CERN or Geneva airport via the Mobility Center) or in exceptional cases offline with a justification. When appropriate, they will provide justification for the use of a private vehicle. Upon return, they will complete the EDH Travel document (TRVL) and reclaim any allowable additional expenses incurred as well as the voluntary reduction of their entitlement.
Travellers are responsible to maintain information in their Traveldoo profile up-to-date (passport, loyalty programs etc..).

Travel Arrangers are responsible to check the compliance of the EDH Travel document (TRVL) with the AC33. They can assist travellers to book their transport via Traveldoo or SNOW (car rental from CERN via the Mobility Center) or in exceptional cases offline with a justification.

The Departmental Travel Manager is the main point of contact for all Travellers/Travel Arrangers in their Department and will manage the out-of-policy process. They are also responsible for departmental communications on policies and procedures updates.

The Supervisor will validate the absence duration, confirm the necessity of the travel and either validate or reject the EDH travel document.

The Budget Holder is responsible to validate the budget code, check the budget estimation of the travel against the budget availability and either validate or reject the EDH travel document.

The Travel Coordinator is responsible for the monitoring and support of travel activities and processes at CERN, and participates in updates to the travel procedures and travel policy. He is the keeper of CERN's travel process and a key resource for all duty travel related activities. This role centralizes a number of travel tasks previously performed across the FAP department, including the second level support of the online booking tool Traveldoo, and the contract follow-up for the CWT travel agency and Traveldoo.  Other objectives include managing the implementation of the many initiatives linked to the travel project, and professionalizing the coordination of duty travel at CERN. 
To facilitate collaboration and to ensure the travel coordinator receives regular transactional feedback, the Travel Coordinator role sits in the Accounting Services group which is also responsible for controlling the Travel Claims and the Travel invoices.

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