Accounts Receivable & TPA Service

The Accounts Receivable section (FAP-ACC-AR) is responsible for invoicing, recording and collecting payment on invoices sent to institutes, funding partners and other external CERN clients.  The section is also responsible for the Third Party Accounting service providing financial services and support for visiting researchers and Experiments.

Accounts Receivable service: Invoicing, recording and collecting of debt
For expenditures made by CERN on behalf of other research institutes on Visiting Research Team accounts, invoices are sent on a regular basis (FC re-invoicing).

For research collaborations, CERN departments, advance payments by research institutes and special agreements,  invoices are sent according to contractual agreements or on justified demand. 

The section monitors payments received on invoices, and undertakes an efficient debt recovery service with reminders, reporting and potentially sanctions for bad payers as appropriate.

Third Party Accounting service
External funds for visiting researchers and scientific collaborations within CERN Experiments are managed through Third-Party accounts. The third-party accounting service aims to facilitate the financial administration of CERN Experiments, the visiting researchers and their institutes during their stay at CERN. We ensure that third-party accounts are created once appropriate approvals are in place, that expenditures and contributions are correctly accounted for, and we provide reporting on regular and ad hoc basis to provide transparency and to support the Resource Coordinators, the Accounts Managers and the institutes.

The service also provides advice and assistance for questions relating to the financial administration on Third-Party Accounts. See also the Conditions applicable to the opening and use of Third-Party accounts.

What is a Third-party account?
A Third-Party account is a CERN budget code dedicated to External Funds managed at CERN on behalf of and for the benefit of the demanding Institution or Collaboration. Third-Party Accounts should be used exclusively for professional activities in the framework of collaboration work in a CERN experiment executed on the CERN premises.

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Head of Section: Karin Gachet

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Updated on: 16/11/2021