Department Head Office

Support for cross-department functions and in charge of dedicated tasks for the Organization

CERN’s General Insurances manager (C. Saitta)

  • Managing all aspects of CERN’s general goods and personnel insurances
  • Review and advise Director General on CERN’s insurance policy, report to top management on incidents’ follow-up

Governance and control

  • Financial management of strategic and major contracts
  • Anti-Money laundering Office
  • Advice on the Organization's financial governance
  • Internal control system and financial risk management
  • Department representative at ACCU
  • Administrative procedures and Admin e-guide, with an emphasis on streamlining
  • Groupe de Travail sur les Procédures Administratives (GTPA)
  • Management of access rights for Finance, Procurement and Human Resources tools

Quality control

  • Financial planning documents, APR, Financial Statements, MTP, Budget
  • Financial signatures, treasury and payments operations
  • Representing Department in POW committees for Reporting and AIS

Support unit

  • Sector representative for CERN’s Risk and Crisis Panel, CHIS board
  • Coordinating and representing CERN on behalf of DH to Third parties
  • Banks relations :Sponsoring partners, foundations
    • Financial management (e.g. CHIS funds)
    • Other stakeholders

Treasury and Payments

  • Ensure that the budget's requirements are met in terms of liquidity
  • Ensure that risks and opportunities are identified and well managed in the short, medium and long term
  • Process all payments for the Organization.


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Updated on: 13/05/2022