Average monthly personnel costs at CERN

Average monthly personnel costs (EUR)

Currency: EUR

Staff (per Career Path)

Average costs in EUR

2 9'400
3 11'200
4 13'300
5 15'900
6 17'500
7 20'800
8 24'700
9 29'400
10 34'900

Other status

Early Career Professional (GRAE - Origin) 7,100
Experienced Project Graduate (GRAP-Quest) 9,100
Research Fellow (GRAF) 9,800
Guest Professor (invited in the frame of External Grants) 5,200
Scientific Associate


Other Associate 5,200
Technical Student 4,000
Admin Student 4,000
Doctoral Student 4,400

This table is to be used only when the members of personnel working on the project are not identified

These values should be used for budget estimates. They include pension, health insurance, etc.

They are average of CERN's personnel costs at an estimated CHF/EUR exchange rate.

The costs are given in EUR. They are deemed to be used at the first steps of an EU Project proposal writing only. For more information or more  precise figures please contact our section (FAP-RPC-EG) via email: external.grants@cern.ch

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Updated on: 26/01/2024