Knowledge Transfer, Medical Applications and Fundraising Activities

The CERN mission on Knowledge Transfer is to maximise the impact of CERN’s science, technology and know-how on society. The commercial and contractual business is organized by the CERN Industry, Procurement & Knowledge Transfer Department. KT partnerships are established by means of agreements concluded with business corporations and research institutes which include Collaborative R&D, Contract Research, Service & Consultancy and Licensing Agreements.

FAP-RPC-BA co-operates with the KT Group on the execution and financial follow-up of KT agreements in accordance with financial rules, regulations, and incentive policy.

Contact persons

Knowledge Transfer: feel free to contact the Knowledge Transfer Group.

FAP-RPC-BA: contact Hugo Brissonnaud.


CERN is involved in a range of activities connected to medical applications, including medical imaging, particle therapy, radiobiology, e-health and training of young researchers in these multidisciplinary fields. The organisational framework for medical applications-related activities at CERN comprises the following CERN internal bodies:

  • CERN Medical Applications Steering Committee [CMASC]
  • CERN Medical Applications Project Forum [MAPF]
  • CERN KT Medical Applications Section

as well as the following external bodies:

  • International Strategic Committee [ISC]
  • CERN-MS Knowledge Transfer Thematic Forum [KTF].

The role of FAP-RPC-BA is to cooperate with the CERN KT Medical Applications Section to ensure the appropriate financial structure for new projects & collaborations in this field.

Contact persons

Medical Applications: feel free to contact the Medical Applications Section for more information.

FAP-RPC-BA: contact Agata Rozycka.


CERN has put in place a dedicated service for fundraising activities. The CERN Partnerships & Fundraising Section is in charge of developing and implementing CERN's fundraising strategy and of ensuring coordination of fundraising undertaken at or on behalf of CERN  and the CERN & Society Foundation. This Partnerships & Fundraising Section raises funds on behalf of and provides administrative support to the CERN & Society Foundation.

Fundraising includes solicitations as well as receipt of support such as donations, grants and sponsorship whether in cash or in-kind. In particular:

  • Donations: involve irrevocable charitable contributions given with no expectation of benefit to the donor
  • Grants: involve contributions from trusts, foundations or other organisations, typically pursuant to an agreement with CERN with no expectation of tangible benefit to the grant-making body
  • Sponsorships: involve transactions pursuant to an agreement with CERN, whereby benefit with a measurable market value is granted in return for financial and material consideration.

CERN is committed to transparency in its activities, including fundraising. For this reason, policies have been developed to regulate fundraising at CERN. For more information please consult the Giving to CERN Policies page.

The role of FAP-RPC-BA is to ensure the appropriate financial structure in connection with Partnerships & Fundraising.

Contact persons

Fundraising: feel free to contact the Partnerships & Fundraising Section.

FAP-RPC-BA: contact Agata Rozycka.

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Updated on: 14/10/2021