Management of outside revenue generated from conferences organised by CERN


This procedure is especially intended for Departmental Planning Officers (DPOs), Deputy Departmental Planning Officers (DDPOs) and organisers of CERN conferences.


This procedure applies exclusively to conferences organised by CERN, whether on its own or in conjunction with a third party, involving revenue from outside the Organization. Such revenue mostly derives from registration or attendance fees and sponsorship money.

The conference must be organised by CERN but may take place off the CERN site. It must be time-limited and non-recurrent
All requests for opening accounts must be forwarded via the DPO of the organising department. For events organised jointly, a single DPO is placed in charge.

The finances of each conference are managed individually via a transitory budget code allocated to the organic unit responsible for the conference organisation

End-of-year book-closing is performed for conferences that are still current at 31 December.

For any further information concerning this procedure, see the corresponding Accounting FAQs "conferences and schools".

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