Payment of accomodation charges for visiting scientists on behalf of their home institutes

The CERN procedure to compensate visiting scientists for additional living expenses occurring during their stay in the local area is to pay a monthly subsistence allowance, whereas the beneficiary pays directly for his/her personal expenses (rent, hotel charges, meals, insurance, electricity bills, etc.). More information on subsistence allowance in the Admin e-guide.

As an alternative to these subsistence allowance, CERN used to offer, free of charge, to pay certain accommodation charges directly to the service provider (landlords, internet providers etc.) for long stays. Due to several litigations, and in line with the rules applicable to subsistence allowance and CERN’s data protection policy, CERN will progressively phase out of this process, with the aim to move towards a systematic use of subsistence allowance (more information will follow). In the meantime, the rules applicable for the direct payment of accommodation charges (new requests) can be found in the list below:

  • The payment of accommodation charges follow the same rules as the Third Party Payment claim in EDH . This form can be used to request the payment of occasional payments. The invoice should be attached to the form and the original forwarded to the Teams & Collaboration service.

  • To set up a recurrent rental payment, CERN needs a copy of the rental contract together with a written request from the Team Account Manager or a signature holder of the Team Account indicating the duration and the monthly amount of the requested payment as well as the Team Account to debit. As an alternative, a Third Party Payment request (TPP) may be filled out in EDH where the period is indicated in the comments and the contract attached to the claim. CERN must be informed of all contractual modifications.

  • Rental contracts and invoices related to accommodation charges must be under the name of the tenant and / or their home institute. If the contract is in the name of the home institute, CERN must at all times be informed in writing of the identity of the MPA occupying the apartment. Requests of payments where the contract or invoice address includes the name of CERN will rejected. Contracts/invoices signed between CERN and external suppliers are handled by procurement/accounts payable.

  • Only invoices linked to a normal use of the accommodation are accepted. CERN will for instance not pay invoices due to vandalism or degradations due to negligence by the tenant. The tenant is personally responsible to settle such invoices or to forward them to the home institute.

  • CERN pays invoices for accommodation charges by bank transfer, and does not accept direct debit on its account.

  • CERN does not pay security deposits for rental contracts.

Updated on: 26/03/2019